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Walter the Wild Hog

Walter the Wild Hog


Our 3D Printed Walter the Wild Hog is perfect for any nature enthusiast! With precision 3D printing, this figurine not only captures the detailed essence of the wild hog's rugged charm but also boasts movable legs and head for customizable poses and interactions. Made from PLA for lasting durability and intricate detailing, all while being eco-friendly. This wild hog figurine is not merely a model; it's an interactive piece that merges the wild's allure with interactive enjoyment and style.


Available in various colors ! The main picture shows Walter printed in copper with black mane. All other color choices will be a solid color except for the eyes. If you want a different multi-color combo, please message me!


Keep in mind every multi-colored 3D print may be different in color than the picture shows due to where prints stop and start in the muti-colored filament rolls. This truly makes each print a one of a kind!


Walter the Wild Hog was designed by Sassiecat 3D. We are an Authorized seller of her designs.

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