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Kitty Flexi

Kitty Flexi


Introducing the Flexi Kitty: a 3D printed, bendable ball of cuteness that's ready to leap into your heart and onto your desk. With joints designed for smooth stretching and posing, this little critter captures the playful spirit of a real cat in a fun, interactive form. Perfect for cat lovers or anyone who needs a smile, our Flexi Kitty is just waiting to become your next favorite companion!


Various Colors Option Available. If you pick a solid color option, the entire cat will be that color except for the eyes and nose. Keep in mind every muti-colored cat may be different in color than the picture shows due to where prints stop and start in the muti-colored filament rolls. This truly makes yours one of a kind!


This 3D Printed Kitty was designed by Layers In Green. We are an Authorized seller of her designs.

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