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Cute Cow Flexi

Cute Cow Flexi


Dive into a world of fun with this adorable 3D printed cow, crafted from eco-friendly PLA! With its head, legs, and tail all designed to move, this cow is ready to dance, nod, and swish its way into your heart. Its joints glide smoothly, allowing for all sorts of playful poses and antics. Bright and durable, this cow isn't just any toyit's a colorful adventure waiting to happen, perfect for kids and the young at heart. Whether it's for learning about farm animals or just having a barnyard buddy to decorate your space, this articulated cow promises endless fun and imagination. Get ready to be moo-ved by the magic of 3D printing!


Various Colors Option Available. If you pick a non spotted color option, the entire cow will be that color except for the eyes. Keep in mind every muti-colored cow may be different in color than the picture shows due to where prints stop and start in the muti-colored filament rolls. This truly makes yours one of a kind!


This 3D Printed Cow was designed by Layers In Green. We are an Authorized seller of her designs.

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